Sponsorship: Scoring points with supporter charm

Sponsorship is the playground of brand values and corporate identities. You are not perceived there as an advertiser, but as a supporter. Sponsorship shows identification with people and what is important to them. As a sponsor, you increase sympathy, brand loyalty and awareness. We initiate, design and manage this value-added tool in line with your brand world and communication strategy.

Smart sponsorship - the right flag, the ideal commitment

This is how we bring you into play as a sponsor, effectively and appropriately.


Sponsoring experts with in-depth cross-industry experience


Sponsoring for Germany-wide projects - from Stuttgart, Augsburg and Munich


Employee training on sponsoring


Development of comprehensive sponsoring concepts including marketing


Individual coaching services for all sponsorship matters


Targeted sponsor acquisition

You and sponsoring?

Seems absurd to you? Or have you actually had it on your radar for a while? Either way, it would be interesting to take a closer look at the topic.

May we outline good sponsoring approaches for your company in a non-binding initial meeting?

Philipp Blobel, kompetenter und vertrauensw├╝rdiger Ansprechpartner bei Blobel Consulting, spezialisiert auf Beratung und Strategieentwicklung