Management consultant with grounding, ambition, eye level

No foil battles, no lofty theories, castles in the air, no thanks. It contains “crazy” ideas based on sound facts and rational considerations. Solid concepts and experienced implementation dominate. After all, we see ourselves in the “Top 10 management consultants” league. Let us walk the path as if we were in your shoes. Then our work is characterized by a broad horizon AND made especially for you. One of a kind.

Teamfoto von Blobel Consulting, zeigt Philipp Blobel, Natalija Blobel, Max Neuhaus und Timo Schmidt stehend in professioneller Haltung, symbolisiert Teamgeist und Expertise in ihren jeweiligen Bereichen.
"Drawer concepts? Without us. If someone wants a concept that flies, we're there."
Philipp Blobel, MBA, Managing Director Blobel Consulting

Strategy optimization

Achieving, securing and expanding a competitive edge through modern and sustainable business models.

Marketing now

Tapping, exploiting and securing market potential with Blobel Marketing Consulting and Marketing Agency.

Sustainable sales tuning

Experience and "beacon" at the relevant touchpoints of today's corporate and customer journey.

Comprehensive employer branding

Find, retain and motivate employees and promote the working atmosphere as an attractive employer brand.

Fundraising management

Comprehensive fundraising strategies, donor scouting and implementation support for non-profit organizations.

Full sponsoring service

More awareness and sympathy through your name in a suitable, positive spotlight.

Genuinely and genuinely there for you

Philipp Blobel

Managing Director

Strategy expert and your first point of contact with extensive management experience.

Natalija Blobel

Senior Consultant

Working for you with maximum project management expertise and online marketing know-how.

Timo Schmidt

Sales Manager

Takes over the operational implementation of sales projects for you, also in the field throughout Europe.

Max Neuhaus

Junior Consultant

As an economist, he is responsible for number crunching, market analyses and much more.

Florian Möckel

Associated partner

Extensive experience as managing director and restructuring expert with overall responsibility.

Dominic Jefferson

Associated partner

As a leadership trainer, he supports the development of our clients' managers.

Your network benefit: You never walk alone

Well-founded work as a management consultant with depth requires complementary specialists in addition to your own core competencies. That is why we maintain a growing network of people and companies from the fields of strategy, marketing, sales, personnel marketing and corporate management. This means that we do not reach any limits in terms of conception and implementation. You will not be left alone with any problem or aspect. We remain your “one face to the customer”. Your management consultants in Stuttgart, Munich, Augsburg and the entire German-speaking region.

Management consultants - the whole truth!

What do you think about management consultants? Whatever – we are sure to give you good ideas. Get to know us!