Employer branding - recruiting excellence and more for enough good people in the long term

Filling vacancies quickly, well and stably is key to the company’s performance now and in the future. Personnel marketing has never been more important, recruiting has never been more complex. The good old job advertisement has not become obsolete, but it has lost its unique position. Today’s game changers are multimedia company and job presentations, multichannel recruiting activities and contemporary workplace modifications. In short: employer branding. The strategic positioning of the company is the foundation on which the employer brand is built. We’ll do it for you!

The staff shortage on staff welfare

Natalija bei Blobel Consulting im Gespräch über Employer Branding, demonstriert die Umwandlung von Personalnotstand zu Personalwohlstand.
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Employer assessment


Achieve a recommendation rate

The Blobel Employer Branding Impact

Advantages in the fierce competition for good people, substantial increase in employer attractiveness and stable employment relationships

A breath of fresh air or a breath of fresh air?

We can – but do not have to – reinvent your attractiveness as an employer. A little something is always possible. And we also have fun with small adjustments.

Let’s do an employer branding check!

Philipp Blobel, kompetenter und vertrauenswürdiger Ansprechpartner bei Blobel Consulting, spezialisiert auf Beratung und Strategieentwicklung