Management consulting with impact

Rely on responsible, sustainable and effective engagement with respect for your business, your staff and your resources.

Lebhaftes Teamgespräch zum Thema Unternehmensberatung bei Blobel Consulting, mit zwei Herren in Diskussion, einer gestikulierend und der andere zuhörend mit einem Lächeln, während er einen Stift hält; symbolisiert die kollaborative Arbeitsumgebung und das Engagement des Unternehmens für qualitativ hochwertige Leistungen.
Growth targets? Sales problems? Market changes? Staff shortage?
Growth targets? Sales problems? Market changes? Staff shortage?
Change of strategy? Sales weaknesses? Expansion? Consolidation? Start-up?
Change of strategy? Sales weaknesses? Expansion? Consolidation? Start-up?

Need for action meets expertise

Our management consultancy is specifically tailored to a key performance area or a multi-component concept.

Strategy optimization

Achieving, securing and expanding a competitive edge through modern and sustainable business models.

Marketing now

Develop, exploit and secure market potential with Blobel sales consulting and practical sales training.

Sales tuning

Experience and "beacon" at the relevant touchpoints of today's corporate and customer journey.

Employer branding

Find, retain and motivate employees and promote the working atmosphere as an attractive employer brand.

Fundraising management

Comprehensive fundraising strategies, donor scouting and implementation support for non-profit organizations.

Full sponsoring service

More awareness and sympathy through your name in a suitable, positive spotlight.

Trust needs identity

Faces, names and stories of analyzing, designing and implementing? Of course. Find out important information about us, here and in conversation!

Management consultancy for preservation and development

We are not the axe in the forest, but the carving knife on the sculpture. With our type of management consultancy, we get companies into shape and hone their strengths. We take on management consultancy tasks with respect for the overall work and on an equal footing with its creators and designers. We are also a brand – we stand for focus, bite, heart and structure! With the spirit of a start-up and the diligence of auditors, our

Solutions with hands and feet.
For companies with aspirations, goals and visions.

Management consulting for your industry

We solve management consultancy tasks in a client-specific manner and focused on the essence of the task. At the same time, our clients benefit from the industry mix in the Blobel Consulting client portfolio. IT service providers, construction and civil engineering companies, wholesalers … The broad horizon brings interdisciplinary know-how. And it is growing steadily – perhaps “tomorrow” with you!

Our enthusiasm for sound, practice-focused management consulting knows no industry boundaries.

Seizing opportunities, solving problems, overcoming crises.

Management consulting to the point

Questions, scrutinizing, orienting, deepening?

Stay tuned, react now!