Fundraising: raising funds with a sure instinct

Fundraising is a popular foundation for charitable projects. It accelerates or enables their realization despite a lack of own resources. Fundraising is also a sensitive topic. Blobel Consulting has been tackling this successfully for years. With strategic thinking, valuable experience and the necessary intuition, we find potential investors. We are proud to have generated impressive budgets for moving projects.

Full service and sales expertise

Take advantage of the sensitivity, sales skills and clout of the “salesmen among fundraisers”! Our fundraising experts are powerful and motivating ambassadors for your charitable projects. They portray their non-profit organization skillfully and winningly. They use modern sales methods to operate effectively and efficiently. We initiate, support and promote your fundraising activities, from consulting to personal fundraising coaching.

Ein Screenshot einer mobilen App-Benutzeroberfläche für Fundraising. Der Bildschirm zeigt einen Deal mit der Firma Blobel und enthält eine Zeitleiste mit den Phasen Idee, Kontakt hergestellt, Bedürfnisse entdeckt.
Ein Screenshot einer Fundraising-App-Benutzeroberfläche. Es zeigt verschiedene Deals in unterschiedlichen Phasen wie "Qualified", "Contact Made", "Demo Scheduled", "Proposal Made" und "Negotiations Started". Deals sind mit Firmennamen, Beträgen und Statusinformationen versehen. Ein kleineres Fenster unten zeigt geplante Aktivitäten wie "Pitch meeting preparation" und "First pitch".

Fundraising by Blobel

Method, structure and more - our fundraising management for the flow of funds

Fundraising - everything counts

Those who give also want to – and should – gain: Image, a good feeling, valuable contacts or cooperation potential. A direct, concrete benefit from a fundraising commitment is usually difficult for donors to identify. This makes effective acquisition all the more important. We stand for fundraising excellence across the board. Blobel’s approach is conceptually mature, individual, discreet and strong in implementation. With an analytical view of the fundraising landscape and a broad horizon of experience, we know what is important.